SOLO PINTURA IV (international salon)

I, _____________________________ certify that the pictorial work (s) that I have presented to this event are legitimately of my authorship, that is, they are not a copy of paintings works, drawing neither photographic works from other authors. Any posterior claim to the publication of the book-catalog and the Web site sponsored by the University of Caldas shall be attended exclusively by me in the claim itself.


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SOLO PINTURA IV (international salon)
Registration of applicants.

Name of the author:: ____________________________________________________

Pseudonym (if any): _________________________________________________

Nationality: ________________________________________________________

Place of residence, address or zip code: ___________________________________________________________________

Attach photocopy of identity document: ____________________________________________________________________

Images in PDF format in high resolution, sent via Internet to the registration in the SOLO PINTURA IV event (international salon). Number of files and name of each one of them.
Work 1________________________________________________________________
Work 2________________________________________________________________
Work 3________________________________________________________________
Work 4________________________________________________________________
Work 5________________________________________________________________

Attach justification text with its respective author between one and three pasterns, Arial font of 12 points to double space.

Undertaking to the total acceptance of the announcement

I .........................................From the full knowledge of the announcement to the SOLO PINTURA IV event (international salon), I proclaim through this document the total acceptance of these normativities, that obviously just seek to make reality a cultural event of this nature. And besides I declare that if I was accepted with my works and the text include to participate in this exhibition, I also authorize the use of these images for the printing of a book-catalog on paper and on a Web page, of the sample itself, book-catalog in which will be explicitly and clearly recognized the authorship of the works that are reproduced and the text that accompanies them.

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This document must be sent to the email:
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