Historical frame 


“SOLO PINTURA” was born in 2001 by a group of Colombian artists that sought to give spaces for dialogue to the pictorial act. The first two samples were made in the central room of LOS FUNDADORES theatre of Manizales, and the third which included a group of attached painters from the Department of Plastic Arts of the University of Caldas it was made in the PINACOTECA of that academic Center.

Now, “SOLO PINTURA IV”  Sponsored by the vicerrectoria of projections of the same university with see in manizales a cultural dialogue about the pictorial with an international coverage, which includes all the means and technical procedures of two-dimensional pictorial acts. Therefore, it also opens the actions of digital technology, taking all of it as a whole that should be looked at without nostalgic criteria far from the purposes of the single-original piece.



The participation in the event “SOLO PINTURA IV” (International Salon) the authors of the Plastic Arts, who develop their creative work in painting as an expression of permanent interest in the general field of universal culture of all times. 

The national and international artists are invited to register for this event in the 2018-2019 edition.Adscrite of the partament tho the arts plastic of Caldas university and spondsored for the procedures vicerrectoria that this simil university whitout based in Manizales (Caldas) Colombia.



All the national and international artists who develop their professional work in the field of painting can be registered as applicants for the event. The only requirement is to send to the organizers the photographs that five of their pictorical Works that postule at the convocatory ( Is recomendaly the postulation of the pictoricals Works made in flexible material easy  to roll up for possible shipment), each photograph must have ten megapixels size and a text (in spanish) that comments on that group of images, written by the artist or by a cultural commentator, from one to three pages, in Arial font, 12 points and double space. The reception of these inicial inscriptions will be carried out between, Monday June 4 and Friday August 10, of 2018; to the email: solopinturaucaldas@gmail.com, attaching Annexes 1 and 2, which can be found at the following link:


Attaching Annexes 1 and 2, you can find them in the following link: 





Those national and international applicants, who are registered with the aforementioned requirements, will be informed via Internet. They will have been accepted in “SOLO PINTURA IV” (International Exhibition) Obligated sent the pictorical Works so that they arrive at least 10th october -2018.The acepted pictoricals Works finile in this date their lef to the book-catalogue, but maybe they can participate in the finaly event.


Participant whit traditional Works


They sent between in to the one or five Works originals ( traditional techniques) already postulated empacage, by certified mail to the  City Manizales, Caldas University, Artes Plasticas department; Bellas Artes building, on 12 de Octubre Avenue in the city of Manizales. They will send the works from the same address using the certified mail once the event ends. 


Participants whit digital technique


They send between one and five pictorial works (executed by digital media -graphic pad-) already postulated and, printed at high quality properly stuffed by certified mail to the City Manizales, Caldas University, Artes Plasticas department; Bellas Artes building, on 12 de Octubre Avenue in the city of Manizales. They will send the works from the same address using the certified mail once the event ends.


Conceptual framework


“SOLO PINTURA IV” (international Salon) seeks to exalt the powerful prestige of the pictorial act through the evolution of the plastic arts history, which not even the attack of some sectors of the contemporaneity has tried to distort. The pictorial act is safe from these attacks thanks to its experimental vocation, according to the cognition of visual origins.​ 

For these reasons “SOLO PINTURA IV” (international Salon) accepts in equal conditions the direct pictorial action (traditional techniques)  as well as the pictorial pieces executed from a graphing machine. 


Selection of the Inscribed Works

The selection will be made by three members of recognized plastic trajectory jury, between the days saturday 11th august 2018 and it will not be appealable.

Of each information this day the aceptation participate aprove will be noticed  email. Each author accepted will be tramited the send Works as soon is possible, at the dress whose especificate .

The assembly exhibition will be curated by the Art Historian Irene Ballester.


Note 1: The received works by “SOLO PINTURA IV” (international Salon) must be sent in an appropriate packaging from which they can be accessed easily. As well, it will be used to resend them. Each work must include in the external part of the packaging, the respective image and the technical sheet which it can be identified.


Note 2: The organizers of the event “SOLO PINTURA IV” (international Salon) are committed to ensure the good conservation of the received works, but they will not be responsible for eventual deterioration, destruction, lost or theft of the same. As well as the damages that any of those fortuitous cases generate during the exhibition time in the museum, return and transportation of them.​ 

Note 3: In case of the artists who have their residence in the city of Manizales, they may withdraw their works from Monday. April 8, april 19 2019, in the same address to which they were sent. To the case of national artists that do not reside in Manizales and international artists, the return of the works will be done through the same company for which each work was sent to the event “SOLO PINTURA IV” (international Salon). In the case of international shipments, each artist assumes the risks that may arise in the works in the aduana, it is recommended to have the utmost care the regulations of each aduana office for that shipment and its return.

Unforeseen event in national or international transfers is not the responsibility of any “SOLO PINTURA IV” (international Salon) organizers and each artist must solve it.​ 

Note 4: Each participant must attach to their initial digital file a certificate that the pictorial works are legitimately, specifying that they are not copy of pictorial, drawing or photographic works from other authors. Any claim after the publication of the book-catalog and the Web page sponsored by the University of Caldas, should be attended exclusively by the author involved in the claim itself. In not any case the faithful copy of photographs and expanded painting will not be considered of interest to “SOLO PINTURA IV” (international Salon), which is proposed to be an event that shelters the manifestations of the Pictorial Act of Bidimensional Invention. Only painted works after 2010 will be accepted.

Intellectual property. 


It is commitment of “SOLO PINTURA IV” (international Salon) organizers to publish (in spanish) bookcatalog (in paper and ebook) under the sponsorship of the University of Caldas using at least one of the images of the accepted works by each author and the text that sustains them, highlighting clearly in each edition, the author of each work and each text.


Each author will receive a printed copy previously authorizing in writing way, to perform under those expressed conditions, the inclusion of those works and the text, in such publications.

Acceptance of this convocatory


The postulate  that Works for the event “SOLO PINTURA IV” (international Salon) 2018-2019 implies full knowledge and acceptance of the present conditions to this call, no exception.

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